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SundMedHelse.dk is a webshop where you find everything in health food and dietary supplements. The company is committed to providing everyone with a professional guide and advice on what could suit the needs and wishes of the customers. They offer competitive prices on all the well-known quality products that you will find in many health shops today, as the intermediary has been cut away in this concept.

We helped SundMedHelse.dk to get up and running in connection with the start-up phase of their webshop. In addition, they got an update of the webshop, design of existing template and image editing.

SundMedHelse-dk webshop


SundMedHelse.dk contacted us after a break with another agency, where they lacked to get their webshop ready for sale and sale to their future customers. We gladly helped them with that. Being ready for sale meant that we needed to enter and further develop the webshop's existing template, so that it suited the company's desired design, but also for different system requirements.


In connection with their start-up, the company was set up for i.a. Package label freight module, and inserted into its system. We strongly believe that our customers are properly integrated into the given systems before use. Furthermore, the webshop was set up with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It's a technology that creates a secure line between web server and browser. This ensures the webshop's buyers when making transactions.


In order to support SundMedHelse.dk's universe, we edited several of their images so that they fit, among other things. colorfully, and appeared sharpest. SundMedHelse.dk now has a functional website, with beautiful pictures that clearly radiate health webshop.

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